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Where can I find adult stores in Metro Manila?
I need to buy something naughty like handcuff, naughty lingerie things like that.. Help!!! Thanks
If you happen to live in the Pasig/Ortigas area, you can visit Pleasure Place, located in Metrowalk. The stuff there may seem pricey, though. 600-800 for a bottle of lube the size of deodorant, for example.
Adult Poll: Do you have a *naughty* box/drawer...?
Where you put your toys, videos, protection, lingerie, etc.

Brownie points to those brave enough to share what's in their "naughty box" lol.
You mean the one that you plan to get rid of before you die. hahaha
Not sharing sorry. No brownie points for me. : )
Can you sell products on this web page and if so how easy is it to set up i am a begginner?
i sell all sorts of things including adult novelties nothing to naughty lotion candles lingerie oils
not on yahoo answers web site
Since when did Halloween turn so...?
... SLUTTY? It's supposed to be scary, for little guys to dress up in scary costumes to get candies, get in the spirit. Since when did this holiday become a slutty, x-rated adult holiday, where chicks just wear basically nothing and walking around in public like it's okay. Chicks in lingerie, naughty school girl, maid, cop outfits that leave nothing to your imagination. I mean, I understand this is the only day/excuse for them to dress that way. But since when did Halloween become so slutty and no longer for guys? Sheesh.
u do have a good point plus most girls who dress like that really shouldnt.....
How do we work around this?!!?
My BEST friend is getting married so her sister and I are throwing her a lingerie party it was supposed to be just people our age and drinking and fun but know the bride has invited her mom and her mom invite all of her friends it has totally turned into a 2nd bridal shower. Her sis and I already bought naughty little gag gift and funny things. But the worst part is all the adults think she is saving herself for marriage. So how do we work a fake virgin bride into a sexually themed party?? We are hoping the 'older' people will leave after a couple of hours but if not how do you have fun ???!!!???!!!
Does the bride know its a lingerie party? You may want to bump up the party to an earlier time for the older ladies. Tell them its a luncheon party from 2pm - 4pm, have the gifts, cake if you're having it, lunch, then make sure to let the others know that the party will continue in the evening. You can either have the stick around or let them take off and come back later.

You may also want to tell the mother of the bride that you're gonna have a lingerie party for the bride and she may opt to leave early with her guests.

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